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Certify your Green AirSport Event!


Nowadays we hear more and more about climate change,

CO2 emissions, environmental protection and sustainability

We wouldn’t even think that meetings, sport events, festivals, conferences all have significant negative effects on the environment. These effects can be minimized and prevented with professional hard working, diligence and care of the organizers.


Why should an airsport event be green event?

First of all, because gliding is one of the sports, that brings people very close to nature. Who can tell besides glider pilots, that they had flown hundreds of kilometers, high speed in full harmony with nature, along with storks and eagles only using the energy of the Sun?

The aim of the two week gliding contest is to achieve the highest average speeds on the largest distances only using the energy of the Sun. This already positions our sport as a “renewable energy based sport”.

From an environmental point of view at a gliding contest not the racing itself has significant negative effects, but the services: moving of the gliders, the needs of the visitors and teams, and the camping activities. Taking care of our environment, conscious behavior is mainly just a matter of attitude change.

What makes the events green?

Usually when organizing a green event the following areas should be considered as the sources of negative environmental effects: waste management, water use, energy consumption, transport and procurement. So these were in the focus of greening by the two nationals as well. However it should be highlighted, that green events have awareness raising effects, when the organizers have the opportunity to give information and show solutions to the participants on sustainable lifestyles.
Transport: car sharing service to and from Őcsény, 2 electric cars were provided by a sponsor. One of them was a solar charged prototype and were used for taking the gliders to the grid and from the runway.

Water consumption: due to technical burdens the water consumption was up to the users of the camping facilities. All the showers and taps were equipped with 4 minute sand glasses and funny awareness raising infos. They were one of the most popular tools used.
Waste management: in cooperation with the local waste company, the containers for selective waste collection were placed around the camping, with information boards.
Green procurement: the organizers purchased all the products needed taking into account the environmental aspects, and provided solely ecolabelled goods for use of the participants at the facilities (soap, toilet paper, paper towels) and for the cleaning team as well.

Awareness raising: at the beginning of the contest there was a “green briefing” and a “green bulletin” was issued as well to inform every participants about the things the organizers done (green procurement, information etc. ), and about what they are asked to do (water saving, selective waste collection). After the competitions there was a questionnaire about the quality of the event and about the experiences, which resulted in surprisingly positive feedbacks and constructive suggestions on how to do even better “green nationals”.


  • 01Application When someone is writing a bid for organizing an FAI contest would have to hand in the Green AirSport Event Application Pack as well containing their written commitments ( on-line).
    The FAI Green Event Committee gets the documentation, and all or some members evaluate it (bronze, silver, gold), give their comments if necessary.( on-line).
  • 02Consultation If organizers need any help with the implementation of measures, have questions about templates and materials remote consultations are available for them by SE’s representative.
  • 03On-site audit Done by 2 independent, trained auditors: steward and NAC representative. The steward is present all competition long, but the audit should take place before the opening ceremony of the event, upon request of the organizers (maximum 1 day).
  • 03Report NAC representative and steward writes a report of the audit (checklist+ comments if there’s any). Based on this evidence the Committee awards the Certificate in form of on-line Certificate and flag.
    Based on the experiences of each event a yearly evaluation can be done for the further development of the Standard.

Green AirSport
Event Standard


What organizers get:

  1. Green AirSport Event Standard
    • Standard containing what to do and how in order to get the certificate, rules and regulations of the standard, application pack
    • Guidelines- practical information for implementing green measures, good practice examples
    • Service materials- templates and supporting documents for communication and implementation of green measures:
      • Sticker templates for awareness raising (sanitary, water, electricity)
      • Info board templates (waste containers, catering)
      • Pre written press release template (English),
      • Calculation programs, sheets for statistical data (eg energy consumption+ CO2 emissions- for communication and reduction measures)
      • Green briefing materials in English (participant/organizer version)
      • Green bulletin template
      • Style Guide
  2. remote consulting
  3. auditing
  4. flag
  5. logo use