Green Event Certification

Certify your Green Airsport Event!


fai-federation-aeronautique-internationale-logoNowadays we hear more and more about climate change, CO2 emissions, environmental protection and sustainability. We wouldn’t even think that meetings, sport events, festivals, conferences all have significant negative effects on the environment. These effects can be minimized and prevented with professional hard working, diligence and care of the organizers.

The Green AirSport Event Certification is recommended by FAI, Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

“That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” Neil Armstrong

Why should an airsport event be green event?

Simply, because flying brings people very close to nature. In the air you are effected by the weather, indirectly by climate change. Pilots and air sport lovers can be and should be the ambassadors of sustainability.

On the other hand a certified green event brings better stakeholder relationships: sponsors and the press love it. Be socially responsible!

What kind of effects do air sports have on the environment?

There are many types of air sports, many types of competitions with different level of environmental effect. Just think about a gliding contest or an aerobatic contest. But all these air sports and competitions have one significant negative effect in common: services and infrastructure. This means that moving the air crafts, traveling, the needs of the visitors and teams, and the camping activities, the infrastructure of the airfield where the event is held.

The Green AirSport Event Standard has criteria to fulfill in both fields: air sport related measures and services, infrastructure.

Taking care of our environment, conscious behavior is mainly just a matter of attitude change.

 What makes the events green?

When organizing a green event the following areas should be considered as the sources of negative environmental effects:

  • waste management,
  • water use,
  • energy consumption,
  • transport and
  • green procurement.

However it should be highlighted, that green events have awareness raising effects, when the organizers have the opportunity to give information and show solutions to the participants on sustainable lifestyles. For this reason communication is a focus point is the Green AirSport Event Standard.

 Commitments and requirements
  1. Waste management
  2. Water management
  3. Energy management
  4. Transport
  5. Sustainable catering
  6. Green Procurement
  7. Communication
  8. Monitoring
  9. AirSport Relevant Measures
  10. Material use
  11. Innovative solutions, local specialties

Please fill in the Application Form and you will receive access to the exact criteria (Green AirSport Event Standard) and application documents.

Fees of auditing: based on the information you provide in the Application Form an exact quotation will be sent to you.



  • 01APPLICATIONWhen writing a bid for organizing an FAI contest or you simply would like to have your national air sport event certified please fill in the application form with your “green” commitments ( on-line). 
  • Green event experts receive the documentation, and evaluate it (bronze, silver, gold),and give their comments if necessary.
  • 02CONSULTATIONIf you need any help with the implementation of green measures, have questions about the Green AirSport Event materials and templates remote consultations are available.
  • 03ON-SITE AUDITThe audit should take place before the opening ceremony of the event. It takes maximum 1 day and is done by an independent auditor.
  • 04REPORTThe auditor writes a report of the audit and suggests which category (bronze, silver, gold) of the Green AirSport Event Standard the competition achieves. Based on this evidence the Green AirSport Event certificate is awarded to the Organizers.

Green AirSport Event Standard


What organizers get:

  1. Green AirSport Event Standard
  • Standard containing what to do and how in order to get the certificate, rules and regulations of the standard, application pack
  • Guidelines- practical information for implementing green measures, good practice examples
  • Service materials- templates and supporting documents for communication and implementation of green measures:
    • Sticker templates for awareness raising (sanitary, water, electricity)
    • Info board templates (waste containers, catering)
    • Pre written press release template (English),
    • Calculation programs, sheets for statistical data (eg energy consumption+ CO2 emissions- for communication and reduction measures)
    • Green briefing materials in English (participant/organizer version)
    • Green bulletin template
    • Style Guide

 2. Remote consulting
 3. Auditing
 4. Large size banner to promote the certified Green AirSport Event
 5. Logo use


Information slides about the Green AirSport Event Standard: Download now!